• Laser cutting

    Laser cutting of sheet metal parts with short deadlines. Different sheet metals – carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium – laser cutting in wagework. Oxide-layer free cutting surface.


  • Waterjet cutting

    We offer wagework services, cutting different parts, semi-finished or finished parts with waterjet technology in many sectors of the industry We undertake even small series works also!


  • Punching

    Our technicians provide the maximum in order to produce the desired workpiece in the most economical and high quality in the shortest possible time.
    (2500 × 1250 mm)


  • Machine and Spare parts sales

    Waterjet machines in favorable prices for cost-effective machining of sheet or composite products and CO2 laser machines for engraving non-metal materials.


 P-Max Technológia Kft.

P-Max Technológia Kft. was founded in 2001 with a 100% Hungarian
ownership.Our main profiles are Laser and Waterjet cutting and other
kind of sheet metal works within that the production and delivery of industrial semi-finished and finished products, besides that the sale of waterjet cutting and laser engraving machines.

The company takes place in Balatonfüzfő, at the Industrial
Park Area. We improve and expand our commercial activities and services, taking into account customer requirements, year by year!

As an automotive supplier, we are currently manufacturing spare parts for Audi, Hyundai, Volvo and Porsche cars.

Néhány projektünk

3 Cutting machines in 3 shifts

Services, wagework:

At our factory currently we are operating with 2 waterjet machines and 3 Trumpf 3030 laser machines. Wide range of raw materials can be machined. According to our customers requirements we are always ensure the best solution and cost-effective technology.

Used technologies:

2D laser cutting, waterjet cutting, CNC bending, CNC sheet metal cutting, welding CO, AWI, spot welding, nut welding, carbon steel, stainless steel, INOX sheets welding, polishing, sheet metal works, drilling, nut insertion, deburring, galvanizing and powder-coating with subcontractors,assembling, extruded hole, pinching, nibbing, belt grinding.

Machine park:

3 pcs. of Trumpf 3030 4000W laser machine 1500x3000mm
Trumpf TruPunch 1000R punching machine
2 pcs. of Amada HFBO bending machien 3000mm 100T
Baykal bending machine 4000mm 200T
Durma 3000 bending machine 3000mm
Durma 3000 shear blade 3000mm
Teenking 4020 Waterjet machine 2000x4000mm
KMT Waterjet 3000x2000mm
Timesaver 1200 polishing machine


To reach our purposes and to achieve the satisfaction of our customers, it was necessary to introduce a quality management system compliant with MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2009. After a half-yearly preparation on 12.03.2008. our company received the ISO certification.

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