JetPhant settling system

Introducing the JetPhant settling system!

The machine offered as a complete system. In case of demand the machine can be equipped with more suction head. The machine can be inspected and purchased at our factory. The JetPhant settling system is th own product of P-Max Technológia Kft.

The JetPhant settling system is made for abrasive waterjet systems to remove the sediment sludge from the machine’s working table while the machine is working.

The settling system ensures the continuous work of the waterjet machine, it can be used while the machine is cutting.. There is no need for periodic shutdown, assembling, tapping, cleaning to remove the sludge.

  • Advantages:

    • Cost-efficient work /no perioical shutdown/
    • Easy to use, only compressed air needed /4-6 bar./
    • Minimal maintenance
    • Massive hot-dip galvanized storage
    • Provides clean working environments
    • Improves the utilization of waterjet cutting machine
    • Can be used for any type of waterjet system
    • Durable diaphragm pump for waterjet cutting materials / Teflon valve system, no rotating parts / easy to control, economical operation

Settling system operating principle

The pneumatic pump absorbs the sludge through suction and passes it to the settling basin. The sediment is placed in the BIG-BAG bag in the basin, which captures the sludge of the cutting waste. Filtered water flows back through the overflow opening of the pool through a flexible tube into the waterjet’s basin. The BIG-BAG bag full of sediment sludge can be lifted with a forklift or the entire equipment can be transported to the storage location.

Pictures about the JetPhant