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    Laser engraving become more popular in parallel with the increasing number of people who acquiring the needed expertise for operation. Noteworthy is the growing interest from non-professional users, several companies who have been engraved with subcontractors, now they purchase their own engraving machine. In Hungary, the industry is also a significant buyer, and the public tenders also helped a lot.

    Long-term peak performance with proper maintenance

    • Greater performance is one of the most commonly occurring questions when laser machine owners asked, what is the most important criteria, when they choose their next machine. The explanation is simple, of course, the laser engraving is faster, and laser cutting is deeper. You should know that the laser performance can radically change, if the user neglects cleaning or maintenance.The quality of laser engraving can also show a drop in performance, even at a level that the a product will be unmarketable.Cleaning and maintenance according to manufacturer recommendations helps to prevent these problems.  It is never excessive to remind the owners that the neglect of maintenance threatens safe operation.

    Protect the optics

    • Mirrors in laser engravers are generally numbered, the lowest number indicates the mirror closest to the laser source. The problem in most cases is caused by the mirror being exposed to the effects of dust and smoke. Particularly great attention and caution is recommended when cleaning these mirrors. After the mirrors, you find the focus lens. Engraving with any type of these machines, the resulting dust and combustion products must be sucked from the working area. If the dust and combustion prudcts stays in the working area, then it can stucks to the mirrors lens and the laser beam can not go through it’s way. Continuous support provided for our customers and we can solve almost any problem with remote assistance. In case of more serious problem our experienced service team is always can provide a solution. If you want to buy a machine from a company which has the appropriate knowledge and experienced team, please contact us!

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